The ECA aims to promote quality and safety through the qualification of companies and the training, qualification and reward of individuals.

ECA Consumer Charter

When you hire an ECA member, you can be assured of the proper design, installation and operation of electrical systems. Although there is no legal requirement for the qualification of individuals or companies undertaking work, the pre-qualification of potential members required by the ECA means consumers need not be concerned when using an ECA member.

Potential members are inspected and assessed to ensure that they operate sound business practices and administrative procedures. The installation work of a potential member is inspected rigorously to ensure technical compliance with relevant national standards.

British Standards
All members must work to British Standards and other regulations and Codes of Practice relevant to the installation. For work falling within its scope, all members work to British Standard BS 7671: 1992, Requirements for Electrical Installations (The Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) Wiring Regulations).

Highest Qualified Electricians
ECA members employ only operatives who are properly qualified for the work they have to undertake. The Association's members have access to over 50 business development training courses.

Informed Contractors
Each ECA member receives a three part Contractors' Manual, with monthly updates, providing essential information on such matters as legal obligations, health and safety, new technologies, and quality assurance. Its advice and guidance enables ECA members to provide safe, high quality, good value work.

The ECA Code of Fair Trading has been registered with the Office of Fair Trading. It sets out the principles which ECA members have agreed to follow, and covers such aspects as quotations and fair trading.

ECA Members are covered by the Association's Warranty and Bond schemes. The Warranty, subject to the terms and conditions of the scheme, provides the Claimant at no cost with an assurance that if any work carried out by an ECA Member fails to comply with the Relevant Standards the work shall be rectified so that it shall comply with such standards.

The Warranty is valid for a period of six years commencing from Completion of the Contract. The Bond, subject to the terms and conditions of the scheme, provides the claimant with an assurance that if the member's employment is determined for a Specified reason, e.g. insolvency of the member, then the Insurer will indemnify the Claimant against the additional cost of completion.